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Come Join the Chaos!


Equestrian Chaos

Equestrian Chaos is a one of a kind family stunt show that brings their Crazy Horse Action on Stage. This family of equestrian stunt performers, known for their unique bow skills, performs circus style stunts while unleashing their arrows off the backs of their running horses.  Pushing the limits of horse and rider you will witness the ancient art of mounted archery combined with stunt riding in a jaw dropping performance leaving their audience on the edges of their seats while taking them for the ride of a lifetime. As this family entertains they share the history of mounted archery, battle strategy, and the value of a mounted archer in war. 


2024 Tour Dates

1/20 - 2/4

Melbourne, FL

Brevard Renaissance Fair

4/11 - 4/13

London, OH

Equine Affaire

7/20 - 8/18

Snohomish, WA

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

8/31 - 10/27

Waynesville, OH

Ohio Renaissance Festival

It was an incredible blessing to see the show tonight! The riding was spectacular! To see the folks with special needs perform on this stage was an inspiration to all of attending!!

Todd R.

See us in action!

Equestrian Chaos Archery Stunt Show
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For booking, merchandise, &

program information please email:

Celisse's School of the Equestrian Arts 

Attn: Equestrian Chaos

9700 Oak Forrest Drive

Mobile, AL 36695

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